We are live!

Dear Symposiasts,

Thanks for your patience while we worked out how this will roll, what a time to be alive eh! 

This 23rd Symposium was to be special just for finally going north of Newcastle!  Now, thanks to Covid realities, we take proceedings online for the first time.

Regardless of the format, we are confident you will find the presentations as engaging as always. 

The Covidium format we created is more than a repository, but it is not a fully online conference either.  We wanted to honour those who were preparing work and give them the chance to present it for comment and discussion in the same time frame as the planned Symposium – rather than postpone for what may have been a year or more. 

We invite you to join in and be inspired by your fellow Symposiasts’ sharing of their work and passions and encourage your considered engagement with their presentations. 

We acknowledge the elephant in the online room, that is the loss of the highly valued conviviality of the Symposium gatherings.  It is in itself a topic so very worthy of the Symposium –  so let’s talk about that over scones on Sunday morning.  Pumpkin Scones.  That’s one tradition we can honour. Pineapple Jam anyone?​

Multi-part Sessions will be published one a day from 9th July 

Some to read, some to view.  

Once you have registered you will receive an email every day starting 9th July with a link to that days’ session, and instructions about how to chat, question, and comment on the papers.

Abstracts for all papers are available with this program release – so you can hone in on the ones you are keen on and study at leisure before the official weekend kicks off.  

We kick off official proceedings with Cocktails and Keynotes from 5.30pm  Friday 17th July. On   Saturday  performance sessions will entertain you at morning tea, lunch and cocktail hour, interspersed by chats with individual presenters in Zoom.    

And, there’s more to come!

All you have to do now is sign up to our mailing list to get information about Ticket pricing and registration. Follow this link.

​​Cannot wait to see you there!


Your Covidium Crew

Adele, Amy, Amalia, Jocelyn, Roger, Zeta & Therese 


  • Jennifer says:


    Registered and received ticket, fabulous. Bring it on.
    Having a little problem logging in as member as the system recognises my email as a member but I can’t reset the password, and goodness knows what that is!

    Can you assist? j.fleischer@bigpond.com

    Thanks so much.

    • Amalia Berastegui says:

      Hey Jennifer!
      Lovely to hear you signed up. I will have a look and get back to you.

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