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A record of  Symposia past — Ideally this archive will include published Proceedings, and official programs, but ephemera would be wonderful too, photographs, notes, and reflections.  Please get in touch if you have goodies to share.  

SAG-01 Adelaide.png
SAG 01

The Upstart Cuisine​

SAG-02 Adelaide.png
SAG 02

Foodism: Philosophy or Fad

SAG 3 Multiculinary Society_Melbourne 1987 CROP.png
SAG 03

A Multiculinary Society

SAG-04 Sydney.png
SAG 04

Food in Festivity

SAG-05 Adelaide.png
SAG 05

The Pleasures of the Table 

SAG-06 Geelong.png
SAG 06

Much Depends on Dinner

SAG-07 Canberra.png
SAG 07

Nature and Culture

SAG-08 Adelaide.png
SAG 08

Sustaining Gastronomy

SAG-09 Sydney.png
SAG 09

Food & Power

SAG-10 Grampians 2.png
SAG 10

Beyond the tuckerbox – securing the future

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 11.02.18 am.png
SAG 11

The pursuit of happiness from colony to republic

SAG-11a Wellington.png
SAG 11a

In Holiday Mood

SAG-12 Adelaide.png
SAG 12

The Edible City: Ideas for urban gastronomy

SAG-13 Orange.png
SAG 13

Food, Fears, Fads and Fancy

SAG-14 Beechworth.png
SAG 14

Preservation or Change?

SAG-15 Dover.png
SAG 15

Beyond the supermarket: learning to overcome gastronomic poverty

SAG-16 Welcome to Country.png
SAG 16

Hunter: ‘Cry the Beloved River’

SAG-18 Princess-of-Wales-cakes.jpg
SAG 18

The Federation of Taste

SAG-19 French cuisine by Galvin La Chapelle Spitalfields, London.jpg
SAG 19

The Generous Table

SAG-21 LaPetroleusePrepKitchen.jpg
SAG 21

Utopian Appetites

STb141114_1016-1050x700 orpHAN SCHOOL SAG 22 VENUE.jpg
SAG 22

Out of Place

SAG 23

The education of the senses:
Aesthetics of food and drink

SAG 24

Reclaiming Happiness: The Epicurean Garden, Simple Pleasures and a Sustainable Future

Chef at Work
SAG 25

Theme to be announced


17 – 20 July 2020

The Research Centre for the History of Food and Drink at the University of Adelaide has a useful list of Symposia, since the first in 1984 ‘actively involved in the promotion of Australian gastronomy; that is, one relevant to the culture, climate, and history of the Australian continent’.

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