Too busy? Hospitality industry offer

Take our special offer – a two-day ticket for a concentrated gastronomy experience on Sunday and Monday 4-5 December 2016 

Friday and Saturday your busy nights?

Just for you, we are offering a special two-day ticket for a concentrated burst of gastronomy on Sunday and Monday 4-5 December 2016.  Be part of the dynamic sessions with local and international food scholars, designers, farmers, chefs, artisans and passionate eaters exploring Utopian Appetites at the William Angliss Institute.

At the Symposium those fascinated by food gather to review the state of gastronomy, our professions and our food future. This year, utopian thinking is inspired by everyone from culinary educators to fermenters and mushroom foragers – and even by microbes!

Among 2016 speakers to inspire hospitality professionals are: Josh Evans (formerly Nordic Food Lab, Copenhagen): Jane Levi (Edible Utopia at Somerset House, UK) and artist David Szanto of the Eco-Gastronomy Project (University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo, Italy); sustainable fisherman Mark Eather, chicken whisperer Bruce Burton (Milking Yard Farm), microbe maven Sharon Flynn (The Fermentary), Natalie Abboud (owner Rumi), Gay Bilson (former restaurateur and author of Plenty and On Digestion); – Natalie Abboud, restaurateur and newly minted Greens Moreland City councillor; hospitality veteran and foraging enthusiast Cameron Russell, award-winning beef producers Lizette and Allen Snaith from Warialda Belted Galloway,  the dapper Matt Wilkinson, chef and owner of Pope Joan, and many more…

On Sunday Shaun Byrne of Maidenii and Cameron MacKenzie of Four Pillars Gin bring you utopia in a cocktail glass with their negroni workshop.
On Monday Du Fermier chef Annie Smithers unleashes her creative force in a banquet interpretation of the writings of 19th C utopian socialist, Charles Fourier.

Venue: William Angliss Institute Level 5/555 La Trobe Street Melbourne                                                          Convenor: Kelly Donati


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