Out of the Kitchen

Sharon Salloum, Ben Law and Kylie Javier-Ashton

Out of the Kitchen is a day for the hospitality industry to hear from and start conversations with some of the best in the business. How is our industry changing? What can we do better? Hear from chefs who are making a difference in people’s lives, watch a goat carcass get broken down, and tell us what you think about food critics.


Get your goat on

Watch Grant Hilliard from Sydney whole-animal butchery Feather & Bone break down a goat from chine to shanks. Learn about different cuts and what to consider when you’re looking for high quality, ethical produce.

Food is Good

In Sydney, the food industry has made a difference in helping refugees, addressing gendered violence, and promoting (and providing) sustainable and ethical produce. Hear from Laura Dalrymple (Feather & Bone), Angie Prendergast-Sceats (Two Good), and Sharon Salloum (Almond Bar) discuss their experiences using food to make change and how the industry can do more. Moderated by author and columnist Benjamin Law.

Share plates: in conversation with our hospitality industry

Stars, hats, rankings, and rosettes have made critics and reviewers part of the restaurant awards ceremony. Dining rooms are chattier and more casual. Food writers are expected to report on the newest trends and the trendiest places. In the world of digital media and more consumer engagement, the hospitality industry keeps changing.

Do we still need food critics?

Is ‘Instagrammable’ the new ‘critically acclaimed’?

Is FOH taking over the spotlight?

Why is natural wine A Thing?

In this open conversation, we tackle these questions and more. Throw your hat in the ring with some of the industry’s best and brightest, including Palisa Anderson (restaurateur, Chat Thai and producer, Boon Luck Farm), Kylie Javier Ashton (Momofuku Seiōbo), sommelier Gavin Wright (Wyno), chef Lillia McCabe (Merivale/Kingdom of Rice pop-up), freelance food writer Nicholas Jordan (Broadsheet), and more. Moderated by food writer and editor Joanna Savill.

Morning tea and lunch from local favourites Al Afrah and El Jannah.

Monday 19 November
10am to 4pm
Female Orphan School, Western Sydney University

All-inclusive 1-day industry ticket $75, includes lunch, drinks and snacks.

Entry and registration included for attendees of the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy who’ve purchased a 3-day ticket.

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