Call for Proposals


The 22nd Symposium of Australian Gastronomy, 16–19 November 2018
Female Orphan School, Western Sydney University, Parramatta

The Symposium of Australian Gastronomy aims to bring together a veritable banquet of specialists, scholars, students and interested independents from all disciplines — history, anthropology, sociology, science and technology, writers, educators, artists, food producers and providores, chefs and industry specialists.

Exploring themes of identity, culture, gender, socio- and geo-politics and economics, craftsmanship, alchemy and environment, each Symposium is characterised by its location and organising committee. It is the only symposium in Australia devoted solely to the discussion of matters related to food and, in particular, gastronomy.

The Symposium is a ticketed event and all presenters will need to register to attend. Details will be available on this website, and you can also subscribe to the mailing list.

The theme for 2018 is OUT OF PLACE

‘Out of place’ speaks to locale, to the physical characteristics such as climate, soil, hydrology, landforms, geology and so forth, as well as the cultural, social, economic and political forces that have shaped food production, distribution and consumption at the level of place.

‘Out of place’ can also relate to ‘not of a place’, to not belonging and to food and foodways that no longer have a place at our tables. Introduced, and perhaps inappropriate species, customs and tastes, or newcomers, foreigners, refugees, ‘misfits’ and marginalised communities, including people who struggle to find their place in society are also ‘out of place’. This interpretation of ‘out of place’ is not always determinedly negative. Some actively seek to be ‘out of place’, disagreeing with the mores of their society and so valuing out of place-ness and difference.

In summary, we welcome creative interpretation of the theme ‘out of place’. On one hand ‘out of place’ relates to home and the everyday; to tradition and connection; to foods and practices that are accepted, comforting and comfortable. But the traditional can also be old-fashioned, xenophobic, unimaginative, restrictive and predictable.

Alternatively, ‘out of place’ can conjure the exotic, the adventurous and challenging, and suggest opportunities, alternatives and possibilities along with thoughts of dislocation and disruption, rebellion, pollution, contamination and discomfort.

Proposals deadline 30 March 2018

The Organising Committee invites proposals from any interested persons or groups for probing and thought-provoking presentations which may take a number of forms, for example:

  • original papers
  • panel or group presentations
  • posters
  • PechaKucha presentations
  • performance pieces: dance, music or drama
  • prose works and creative writing pieces
  • poetry
  • photo essays

To provide as much variety as possible, papers will be limited to 15 minutes (with 5 minutes allowed for questions) and panels and group presentations to a maximum of one hour.


Thanks for your proposals! We’ve had a great response and will be in touch again shortly to let you know if your proposal has been accepted. We aim to have our program ready to view here by late June.

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