2018 Daily Schedule

2018 Symposium Program (PDF, 2.4MB)

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DAY 1: Friday 16 November

Elizabeth Farm
70 Alice Street, Rosehill.  View map.
Street parking available, but please drive responsibly.

Welcome reception and registration at historic Elizabeth Farm. Sponsored by Sydney Living Museums.

DAY 2: Saturday 17 November

Female Orphan School, Western Sydney University
Building EZ
Cnr James Ruse Drive & Victoria Road, Rydalmere.  View map.
Paid parking available.

Registration, coffee and getting into place

Program commences
Keynote address by Vince Heffernan

Morning Tea

Room 1: Session 1
Session 1: Cultivating the Future
Alana Mann Opportunity out of crisis: The agro-ecology movement in Cuba
Amalia Berestegui Hungry City
Hilary Heslop The yam daisy: Recovering its place
Jenni Gough Cooking with what you have, not what you want.

Room 2: Session 1
Changing Realities: Media, Design and Faking It
Lauren Samuelson Experiment, adapt, innovate: Fifty years of faux foods in The Australian Women’s Weekly
Saman Hassibi Representations of cuisine and food culture in New Zealand print media 1955-2016
Xuan-Bach (Alex) Tran Gender, food and kitchen space in Yoshinaga Fumi’s manga
Tim Lynch & Tony Heptinstall Being deliberately out of place: Using narrative transportation in food product design.


Room 1: Session 2
Localising forces
Jacqueline Dutton Pourquoi terroir? When provenance might make more sense in this place
Jenny Smith The sandwich as offering or how to localise out-of-place ingredients and people
Heather Hunwick Sydney’s Markets: Their critical role in transition to “place”
André Taber Walking through food history.

Room 2: Session 2
Adventurous Eaters
Neil Gow Creating “out of place” from “out of place”
Graham Ellender Dérangé? What is taste and what is ordinary?
Jillian Garvey The role of animals in Australian archaeology: How it can inform on the past, present and future of native bush tucker
Colette Geier From pavement to plate: Harvesting weeds for nutrients and nutraceuticals.

Afternoon Tea

Room 1: Session 3
Refuges of the Blighted Wilds
Virginia Nazarea Conservation out of place
Yasuaki Sato The nature of folk knowledge about the diversity of bananas in Central Uganda
Constanza Monterrubio Solís Rural women’s choices in transitioning food landscapes of Southern Mexico
Therese Gagnon The changing tastes of memory: Karen human-plant movement across borders
Mike Anastario Memories of maiz in transnational US-Salvadoran space
Jocelyn Bosse Appropriation and reclamation of the Kakadu plum.

Room 2: Session 3
Creative place
Miin Chan White Rice
Max Dingle Fetish and Food
Aime Brûlée Musical performance
Ritchard Mitchell & Adrian Woodhouse An Uncomfortable Place (performance).

Bus departs for Banquet venue

Symposium Banquet

Parramatta Female Factory Precinct
1 Fleet Street, Parramatta.  View map.
Street parking available, but please drive responsibly.

Arrive at Banquet site. Keynote address by Gay Bilson.

Banquet concludes

Bus departs for Parramatta city nightlife, Novotel and railway station            

DAY 3: Sunday 18 November

 9am   Optional Parramatta walking tours, please return to campus by 10.30am

Female Orphan School, Western Sydney University
Building EZ
Cnr James Ruse Drive & Victoria Road, Rydalmere.  View map.
Paid parking available.

Morning Tea

Room 1: Session 4
Making Migrants into New Australians
Karen Agutter & Rachel Ankeny Migrant food needs in context: Reconsidering ideas of good nutrition
Karen Agutter Producing food, producing new Australians: Catering for the Olympic Games
Tania Cammarano From suspect migrant to model Australian: Natale Italiano and the transformation of Perfect Cheese. 

Room 2: Session 4
Ferment to be: Microbial mates from soil to plate
Panel discussion with Miin Chan, Kate Howell and Giulia Smith.

 12 noon  
Food journeys on the way Down Under
Panel discussion moderated by John Newton

Room 1: Session 5
Past Repasts: Place and Australian History
Ross Karavis Sydney restaurants before the Great War: Transnational phenomena, local response
Leonard Janiszewski The food of fantasy: Greek cafes and milk bars
Jacqui Newling ‘Then, and only then, could we move onto something sweet.’ Finding your place, knowing your place, keeping your place.
John Newton in conversation with Charmaine O’Brien The getting of garlic: Australian food from bland to brilliant

Room 2: Session 5
Translocating tastes
Jean Duruz Haunted by the taste of laksa: Dislocations and relocations in Australia and Canada
Frieda Moran Curry in Australian history: In and out of place
Jennifer Bailey Barbecue: Transferred identity
Diana Noyce Meat, maté and the rise of the Gaucho. 

Afternoon Tea

Room 1: Session 6
Place in the long eighteenth century
Garritt (Chip) Van Dyk Forced fruit: Transplanting the tropics in early modern Europe
Barbara Santich Out of Place: Foreigners in Provence in the eighteenth-century
Sarah Benjamin The author, her publisher and the court case: Maria Rundell reclaims her place.

Room 2: Session 6
Beyond the Lunch Box
Bev Laing Primary Places: Creative food education. Engaging primary schools
Adele Wessel Schooling youth and shaping diet : What’s out of place on the menu?
Chloe Humphries & David Gillespie Guiding culinary students to find their place.


DAY 4: Monday 19 November ‘Out of the Kitchen’

Female Orphan School, Western Sydney University
Building EZ
Cnr James Ruse Drive & Victoria Road, Rydalmere.  View map.
Paid parking available.

Live demonstration

Morning Tea

 12 noon  
Food is Good. A panel discussion moderated by Ben Law, with:
Angie Prendergast-Sceats, Two Good
Laura Dalrymple, Feather & Bone
Sharon Salloum, Almond Bar


Share plates: in conversation with our hospitality industry. Moderated by Joanna Savill, with
Kylie Javier Ashton, Momofuku Seiōbo
Gavin Wright, Wyno
Palisa Anderson, Chat Thai/Boon Luck Farm
Lillia McCabe, Merivale/Kingdom of Rice pop-up
Nick Jordan, Broadsheet.