Everyday: New Zealand Symposium of Gastronomy, Christchurch, 25 & 26 November 2017

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699–1779)

ARA Institute of Canterbury

Theme: ‘Everyday’

Food and food-related activities are important, yet often taken-for-granted parts of our everyday lives. The biological imperative that makes eating a necessity usually makes us look at it as a mundane practice. Cooking, too, especially in its ‘domestic’ context, may seem insignificant and uninteresting.

Shopping for food, chopping and washing ingredients, and cleaning up after a meal rarely seem poetic or even important. However, the very everydayness of these activities can evolve into meaningful cultural and social symbols, depicting individuals’ or societies’ relationship with different issues ranging from nutrition, health and hygiene to gender norms, national identity and memory.

By looking at the everydayness of food-related activities, we come to understand how societies feed themselves, and therefore, we get a better understanding of their cultures, their past, present, and future. By observing and studying everyday food-related practices, habits, and values that are constantly being passed in ordinary kitchens from one generation to the next, we can open a window to also understanding non-everyday foodways such as those practiced in sacred rituals, mourning, and celebrations.

The final symposium programme is available HERE

To download a PDF regarding the venue, workshop, dinner and travel information click HERE

Questions regarding the Symposium should be emailed to the 2017 Convenors, Sam Hassibi or Amir Sayadabdi.

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