Bespoke tableware for culinary distinction

Cone 11 … collaborating with chefs around Australia

Colin Hopkins and Ilona Topocsanyi established their studio practice and business, Cone 11, in 2008 at the historic Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

While they each have their individual practices and separate customer bases, their creative processes are very collaborative both inside and outside the studio.

Colin describes his work as “being somewhere between pottery and modernist industrial design” and comes from a desire to make large wheel formed objects. This requires incredible skill, not only to such large pieces in porcelain and fine white stoneware, but then to manage through the drying and firing stages. Having a background as an architect underlies his interest in lighting and how it affects space and being a jazz musician influences the rhythm of his creative process.

Ilona has developed her creative practice through collaborating with chefs around Australia. As the demand for bespoke tableware has increased alongside demand for culinary distinction, Ilona has turned her creative considerations to how tableware frames and holds food. Restaurants she has created work for include Josh Lopez – GOMA, Brisbane QLD, Ben Williamson – Gerad’s Bistro, Brisbane QLD, Dan Hunter -Brae, Birrugurra VIC, Federico Zanellato -LuMi, Sydney NSW, and many others.

Cone 11 were featured at the Australian Design Centre in Sydney during 2016

Clay Intersections presents the work of eight contemporary makers who take a range of innovative approaches to making and working with clay, exploring the different intersections of its sculptural and functional qualities.

Watch a video of Cone 11

Clay Intersections: Cone 11 from Australian Design Centre on Vimeo.

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